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Sugar Skull Tattoo

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People long time ago had been very expressive when it came to rituals and celebrations. The indigenous people in South America during pre-Spanish colonization used skull for rituals in honor for the dead. The ancient ritual then became the source of inspiration for people in the modern world to use sugar skull tattoo in the festivity to remember those loved-ones who already departed.

As sugar plantations then are of great economic sources, enslaved Meso-Americans were forced to embrace a new culture through making sugar skull tattoos. The abundance of sugar led early Meso-Americans to maintain celebrating life and death in a new way to revive the tradition which almost turned extinct when Christianity began to flourish.

The printing of sugar skull tattoo into a specific part of the body like the forehead is often recognized by Mexicans during November 1 and 2. During All Saint’s Day, Mexican people offer a celebration for young citizens who have died right through the year. The All Soul’s Day, on the other hand, is for the adults who have rested.

The most common symbol during the holiday is the skull. The skull is an expression of death or renewal of life for people who want to forget their misdeeds. Imprinting sugar skull tattoos then became a concept that fused Christian and nomadic principles.

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Mexican people are flexible in embracing and altering their culture. The use of skull to commemorate the death of their ancestors are believed to oppose the doctrines of Christianity but they have altered the nomadic view of celebration into an artistic creation which no longer argue Christian principles instead support them with the concept of renewal and honoring the dead.

Today, using sugar skull tattoo is no longer a religious concern but a product of artistry. If you are planning to respect Mexican culture through imprinting sugar skull tattoo, you can freely choose your own design as there is no specific rule to conform. You can also enjoy varied decoration types like stars, flowers, basic shapes, lines, and dots of different sizes to improve its essence.

You can also learn making sugar skull tattoos if you are skilled in visual arts. If you think that your artist has never done great about tattooing, then you are qualified to invent your own style. The single and basic rule in tattooing; however, is creating an original design.

Sugar skull tattoos are made of basic ingredients like water, sugar, and powdered meringue. The mold allows pressing of contents into the skin creating a beautiful skull. If you are planning to remember the good memories of your lost relatives or immediate family members, sugar skull making is the most recommended hobby or past time.

Sugar skull tattoo making is the best means to accept death. Aside from reminiscing good memories with loved-ones who already died, it also reminds people that death is a special way for them to reach another destination. It is also the easiest way to accept death as a natural occurrence and believe that life is eternal with God.

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Sugar skull tattoo and rose

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Sugar skull tattoo and rose is a perfect design loved by most women whose passion is self-expression. It only shows that tattooing is no longer regarded as a barbaric tradition but an art of refined people. In a civilized society, people are given the privilege to show their uniqueness and strong characters through sugar skull tattooing. Most of the sugar skull tattoos are shown on areas visible for others to see. The people who got inked have felt the significance of the designs to their personalities as fellows understood their true nature. Sugar skull tattooing then envisions equality and acceptance among the people.

Sugar skull tattoo and rose pays homage to its predecessors. Before its magnificent discovery, people long time ago higlights the skull as a symbol of mortality and death. It reminds them to value life and appreciate death as a means to go to a new life. When Christian intervention took place in South America, the Aztecs became so secretive in their practices of honoring the dead until they thought of using sugar to create skull tattoos to praise their dead ancestors. The tradition of honoring the dead flourished until it reached other neighboring countries. Now, sugar skull tattooing, is not only regarded as a means to commemorate the death of a family member. Instead, it is made to express the innermost feeling of a certain individual.

As time goes by, people who are into art thought of new concepts when it comes to sugar skull tattooing. Aside from the skull, they thought of displaying icons to give meaning to the image. Sugar skull tattoo and rose is one of the fondest designs ever created by ingenious minds. It shows the innovativeness of people whose desire is to create a unique concept about the art of sugar skull tattoo since the very aim of sugar skull tattooing is to display a unique image of a person’s character.


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If you decide to get ink, better choose the image that portrays positive character. For women, flowers may add vitality and sexiness to the craft. You may decide on whatever type of flower you want to incorporate the skull. Rose is the most chosen design but you need to decide which color you wish to be displayed. Since flowers symbolize myriads of thoughts and emotions, the yellow, white, and red roses may also differ according to meanings. Have you ever though of getting inked with a yellow rose? The yellow rose symbolizes joy and happiness. The white rose symbolizes serenity and peace. On the hand, the red rose symbolizes romanticism. If you feel that you are deeply inlove, you may prefer getting inked with a rose.

Sugar skull tattoo and rose may differ according to image. You need to consult an artist about the concept you want to print on your skin.  There is no turning back in sugar skull tattooing. Better arrive at a great design before getting inked as it would be too late later if you receive negative criticism. Your purpose for having the sugar skull tattoo printed is to be appreciated. You will only help boost your morale if you have a wonderful tattoo with you.

Sugar Skull Tattoo Cost

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Before talking anything about sugar skull tattoo cost, having a tattoo is never an easy thing. It includes a lot of thoughts before coming into the position of actually having them. Aside from hard removal of tattoos, you will experience  a complicated operation. There should be a vivid and detailed planning of where to put it, how big it will be, what kind of tattoo you want to have and as well as where do you want to put it because basically, a tattoo that is placed on the skin locality is primarily made to be shown to the public and not to be kept to oneself. There are also people who are secretive about their tattoos and don’t want to put it in any showy parts of their body and so, they are keeping it to the body part that is not so visible. When planning to have this type of tattoo, still consider your loved ones whom you want to share it.

The real sugar skull art is from the “Day of the Dead” of the Mexicans wherein they make some artistic sculptures that are made up of sugar painted with bright and beautiful food colorings. There are over hundreds and even thousands of designs tattoo masters knows what to encrypt in their people skins and it is undeniable that one of the most commonly preferred tattoo style design is the sugar skull tattoo. There are different styles of sugars skull tattoo art and usually, before letting you decide what you want to have, tattoo masters are letting you see some pictures that present the different types of the tattoo and as well as the sugar skull tattoo cost.

Every tattoo has a meaning. There are times that those people who actually see such tattoo misinterprets it because of the hidden messages that rely behind every ink that are marked on the skin. In the case of sugar skull tattoo, there are some that have different meanings but usually, this art is introducing the overcoming of the owner of his past life and most likely, those past are referring to the hard times. It also signifies somewhat evil protection, energy in which nobody can stop him from whatever he wants to do, power that tells he is the strongest and nobody can beat him, the memories of those loved ones that have passed or the underworld way of thinking that symbolizes peace with death and sorrow.

In addition to the style of the sugar skull tattoo, it can actually be combined with different symbols such as flowers, aces, clovers, hearts, candles, crosses and all the likes which are usually used as a replacement for the eyes of the skull. This is done for the commemoration of those people who have passed away and the beauty or the ugliness of the sugar skull represents and signifies the life of those people who have passed away. When having a sugar skull tattoo, you may consider things like the sugar skull tattoo cost.

Sugar skull tattoo cost depends on the artist on how much he will be charging you. Often times, tattoo masters are basing their charges on the location, the placement, size, the color in consideration with the ink used and as well as the tip of the artist.

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