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Dec - 20 2011


I assume you are also into tattoos just like me. At first I have tried to find the perfect tattoo that will drive all my friends crazy!! BUT I have not succeeded so well and after two different horrible tattoos I came across “tattoo me now” which gave me SO MANY IDEAS!!! In my opinion the most important stage is deciding which tattoo you want to get. there are so many tattoos out there and it’s crucial that you’ll pick the most suitable one for you.

Sugar skull tattoo and rose

Jun - 29 2011


Sugar skull tattoo and rose is a perfect design loved by most women whose passion is self-expression. It only shows that tattooing is no longer regarded as a barbaric tradition but an art of refined people. In a civilized society, people are given the privilege to show their uniqueness and strong characters through sugar skull tattooing. Most of the sugar skull tattoos are shown on areas visible for others to see. The people who got inked have felt the significance of the designs to their personalities as fellows understood their true nature. Sugar skull tattooing then envisions equality and acceptance among the people.

Sugar Skull Tattoo Cost

Jun - 25 2011


Before talking anything about sugar skull tattoo cost, having a tattoo is never an easy thing. It includes a lot of thoughts before coming into the position of actually having them. Aside from hard removal of tattoos, you will experience a complicated operation. There should be a vivid and detailed planning of where to put it, how big it will be, what kind of tattoo you want to have and as well as where do you want to put it because basically, a tattoo that is placed on the skin locality is primarily made to be shown to the public and not to be kept to oneself. There are also people who are secretive about their tattoos and don’t want to put it in any showy parts of their body and so, they are keeping it to the body part that is not so visible. When planning to have this type of tattoo, still consider your loved ones whom you want to share it.

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