Girl sugar skull tattoo

Jun - 08 2011

Girl sugar skull tattoo comes into existence when women become attracted to designing their ideas. Before, women were attuned into a feministic way of designing home decors but now they are hooked into a craft which is previously common to men. Through sugar skull tattoo designing, a lot of visual artists and enthusiasts found significance to express their unique beings very passionately.

Girl sugar skull tattoo is exclusively patterned to the taste of girls. As tattoo resembles manhood, the designers are keen enough to understand the innate characters of women to innovate not only the crafts but the culture and beliefs of the people. With girls wearing tattoos, the images then shed enlightenment to society that tattoo is not a product of harsh attitude but of a clean soul.

Girl sugar skull tattoo also reflect the balance between men and women in terms of social status. Women before are considered second class citizens and only a few of them are privileged enough to gain recognition in the society. Now, in the rising of sugar skull tattoo creation as one of the trendiest fashion, the equality of gender is more highlighted.

Girls are known for being refined, sweet, and dignified. Girl sugar skull tattoo is quite different compared to man’s tattoo in terms of selection and blending of colors and the shapes being incorporated. The common shapes to be found in girls’ tattoos are flowers, stars, and hearts coupled with light colors. The concept in creating is similar with the men as women too are required to create unique crafts.

Girl sugar skull tattoo can create a new personality to women especially when worn. If you are the girl who has not worn such creation before, it is better to share logic about getting inked to the persons very close to you so that they would not be surprised to witness your little transformation.

Girl sugar skull tattoo is the result of women’s creativity and willingness to participate in the transition of concepts of visual arts. Someday, there would be women to become legends in the field of sugar skull tattooing.

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