Meaning of Sugar Skull Tattoo

Apr - 07 2011

Meaning of sugar skull tattoo

Every person has its own definition of what is an art. Many of us have different interpretations and categories of whether a certain thing can be called an art or not. We are entitled in our own opinions. Tattoos is sometimes misinterpreted and misunderstood by many people. Though many believe that it is an art, there are still people who consider it as usual past time and waste of time that is done by many. There are many kinds of design in tattoos. One of this is the sugar skull tattoo which is commonly used by many tattoo enthusiasts as there personal design.

Sugar skull tattoo has different meanings and interpretations. For instance, sugar skull is a skull made of sugar, chocolate, or candy and decorated in joyous almost happy style for the Mexican dead day celebration which is celebrated in Mexico every November 1 & 2 annually. The said gathering is done to offer prayers and to remember the members of the family that is already dead. Aside form Mexico. Other country such as United States of America and Canada also celebrates this event annually. So in other words in tattoo form; it is simply means tattoo image of Mexican skull decorated for the dead day in Mexico.

Another meaning of sugar skull tattoo is for the memory of the person that you love that has passed away. I have a friend and he has this kind of tattoo in memory of her mother who passed away last year 2009. It serves as a same purpose with sugar skull, just more permanent. Sugar skull symbolizes the round rooted eyes in skull as its decoration.

Flowers symbolize the life while the cobwebs symbolize death. Burning candles set aside in the eyes are the sign of remembrance or in memory of the person that passed whom you want to remember. These items can also be used in combination to personalize the main focus of a skull as well. But you can also customize the design of your sugar skull tattoo depending on what do you want to add of its original design.

To do it, you can research some of the latest styles in tattoos and don’t do a traditional one but instead incorporate an object that has meaning for you. Thus, by doing this you will satisfy on the design of your tattoo because you have incorporate your won style and its original size.

There are many ways to remember your loved ones and their also many ways to cherish and treasure them into yourself. One of them is through tattoos, thus in this way you can express the things that you want to say through the design of your tattoos.

Sugar skull tattoo is one of them that is design to remember the person that you love and you cherish the most. We can be called foolish by other people for remembering a person that does not exist anymore, but the bottom line is it’s the thoughts that count. We have different styles and ways of how we express our love to our family and our love ones.

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