Mexican sugar skull tattoo

Mar - 26 2011


The Mexican sugar skull tattoo has served as a replica of Mexican culture just recently. The people who engaged in Mexican sugar skull tattooing found ways to discover the hidden stories behind its existence. Mexicans long ago were very religious that they print tattoos to symbolize gods. Every tattoo was believed to be a resemblance of god which gave them power to prosper in life.

The Mexican sugar skull tattoo was formerly made to guide Aztec natives about their thoughts and actions. Since Aztecs believed that every unique person had a god in himself who dictated the conscience, the skull then reflected as a warning sign for death. Each individual was called to be responsible about his or her own actions.

Today, aside from raising religious views, Mexican sugar skull tattoo is designed for fashion purposes. It is available to any gender and its designs are varied. If you wish to have your face printed of Mexican sugar skull tattoo, you can freely choose among plenty of designs before asking the artist to apply the procedure.


The common design for men is the sugar skull tattoo with bows while the flower tattoo concept is for women. You can ask the artist to make the imprint very attractive using a variety of colors such as purple, pink, blue, and green. Sugar skull tattooing is one of the new trends available in the modern world. You can also invite friends to have fun while designing. It is educational, fashionable, historical, and religious.

The Mexican sugar skull tattoo is one remaining living legacy of the Aztecs who once populated Mexico. Their concepts about life, death, and conscience call everyone to live lives wisely. Getting hooked for it is a response to a meaningful friendly relationship. Beyond that, you must remember that wearing the tattoo is a sign of a new life which you need to respond accordingly.

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