Sugar skull tattoo and rose

Jun - 29 2011

Sugar skull tattoo and rose is a perfect design loved by most women whose passion is self-expression. It only shows that tattooing is no longer regarded as a barbaric tradition but an art of refined people. In a civilized society, people are given the privilege to show their uniqueness and strong characters through sugar skull tattooing. Most of the sugar skull tattoos are shown on areas visible for others to see. The people who got inked have felt the significance of the designs to their personalities as fellows understood their true nature. Sugar skull tattooing then envisions equality and acceptance among the people.

Sugar skull tattoo and rose pays homage to its predecessors. Before its magnificent discovery, people long time ago higlights the skull as a symbol of mortality and death. It reminds them to value life and appreciate death as a means to go to a new life. When Christian intervention took place in South America, the Aztecs became so secretive in their practices of honoring the dead until they thought of using sugar to create skull tattoos to praise their dead ancestors. The tradition of honoring the dead flourished until it reached other neighboring countries. Now, sugar skull tattooing, is not only regarded as a means to commemorate the death of a family member. Instead, it is made to express the innermost feeling of a certain individual.

As time goes by, people who are into art thought of new concepts when it comes to sugar skull tattooing. Aside from the skull, they thought of displaying icons to give meaning to the image. Sugar skull tattoo and rose is one of the fondest designs ever created by ingenious minds. It shows the innovativeness of people whose desire is to create a unique concept about the art of sugar skull tattoo since the very aim of sugar skull tattooing is to display a unique image of a person’s character.


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If you decide to get ink, better choose the image that portrays positive character. For women, flowers may add vitality and sexiness to the craft. You may decide on whatever type of flower you want to incorporate the skull. Rose is the most chosen design but you need to decide which color you wish to be displayed. Since flowers symbolize myriads of thoughts and emotions, the yellow, white, and red roses may also differ according to meanings. Have you ever though of getting inked with a yellow rose? The yellow rose symbolizes joy and happiness. The white rose symbolizes serenity and peace. On the hand, the red rose symbolizes romanticism. If you feel that you are deeply inlove, you may prefer getting inked with a rose.

Sugar skull tattoo and rose may differ according to image. You need to consult an artist about the concept you want to print on your skin. 

There is no turning back in sugar skull tattooing. Better arrive at a great design before getting inked as it would be too late later if you receive negative criticism. Your purpose for having the sugar skull tattoo printed is to be appreciated. You will only help boost your morale if you have a wonderful tattoo with you.

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