Sugar skull tattoo art

Jun - 05 2011

Sugar skull tattoo art varies depending upon the artist. The art signifies a meaning depending on the use of the skull. Designing a sugar skull tattoo is a way of expressing oneself to show the innate character. Tattoo fanatics and teens often plunge into creation of unique designs to promote their creativity personally or on the web.

Aside from showing one’s personality, old and young fanatics observe purposes why they consider sugar skull tattoo art as a significant element in their lives. If the personality of the wearer is strong, most often, he would create a symbol that looks threatening. If the personality of the wearer is sweet then she would resort to using light colors in enhancing the image of the tattoo.

The skull which is the center of the sugar skull tattoo art is a universal emblem. The meaning of the skull may also vary as shapes and colors are added into it. Before, it is believed that the skull portrays a negative image of an inner self aside from being significant to death. Now, for aesthetics means, people all over the world enjoy crafting their designs as a form of expression and hobby.

Sugar skull tattoo designing promotes versatility even to neophytes because as a form of self-expression, they can combine plenty of elements to the skull. The most common combinations are eagle skull tattoos, skull and star tattoos, tribal skull tattoos, skull and flame tattoos, and demon skull tattoos.

Well, these tattoos are products of imaginative minds. Since you are a unique person, you are called to make unique versions and combine basic elements with the skull as long as the results are attractive. You can even combine cross and skull or heart and skull that depend on your taste.

Since people believed that the main meaning of the skull is mortality, every tattoo maker is reminded to live their lives to the fullest. The skull has significance to religion because of its representation about life and death. Whatever sugar skull tattoo art you make, it reflects a positive image about how you live your life.

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