How to design your own tattoo

May - 17 2011

How to design your own tattoo is the hardest part in tattoo designing you can encounter. It is the hardest because there is no way that you should copy other’s exact images. You need to create your own design to express yourself and prove your worth.

If you like to create the most beautiful tattoo design yet you never have any concept, you can browse several internet sites that promote and share hundreds of tattoo creations. You can get ideas from tattoo artists’ crafts and imagine creating your own based on the strong traits of their conceived designs. Whatever your design is, there are several steps you need to abide in order to achieve the right body tattoo.

First is personality resemblance. Your personality must fit on your desired tattoo as people will think about you based on the image you show them. Consulting a tattoo artist can help a lot on how to design your own tattoo very well.

Second is occasional significance. You should get inked for a purpose. Your tattoo design can be your way of remembering significant occasion or person aside from doing it for social trend.

Third is developing an image. Your tattoo is a combination of shapes and letters. Think about the shape you wanted to appear as a symbol of important person or occasion and the printed message you wish to convey. Some popular images are sun, rose, and heart with names of people printed along with the chosen figure. If you are a romantic lover, the rose with your lover’s name can be the suited image to appear in the actual.

Fourth is finalization. You need not to become a tattoo artist to create a wonderful design but consulting a tattoo artist would help you in getting a temporary tattoo to test whether your design is beautiful and unique enough to be permanent. Think before you act. You would feel very satisfied once you follow the right procedure on how to design your own tattoo.


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